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An Update for You

Like many of you, our team is made up of people, who are trying to navigate a new normal. Here’s what we’re doing to reduce the coronavirus spread while continuing to serve our customers. Please take a moment to read.

Shipping Information

With the spread of COVID-19, online shopping continues to rise dramatically. Fortunately, we’re able to ship normally at this time. For our employees’ safety and yours, we’re taking extra precautions with additional cleaning and sanitation in our fulfillment centers.

Call Center Information and More

Like you, we’re pivoting daily to keep up with the changing world, all with an eye to the safety and health of our employees and our community. To that end, all Zen employees and contractors—with the exception of the fulfillment center personnel mentioned above—are working from home (WFH) until 6/1 and beyond if needed. Every employee from marketing to our call center team is able to access the programs they need to do their work seamlessly, including video conferencing, phone systems, email, chat, and 24/7 I.T. support. We’re also giving employees internet and cellphone stipends, as well as any desks or monitors needed to do their job. In full transparency, and likely similar to your city, our schools have closed. That means if you call our customer service team, you may hear children and pets in the background. Please be patient with us as we adapt to this new normal. These changes help us adequately follow social-distancing protocol and allow us to do what we can to protect our employees, our immediate community, and the city and surrounding regions. Stay safe, fellow Sneakerheads!